Clash of the Teutons: BMW M3 Sport Evolution vs. Audi Coupe S2 vs. Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II

Road & Track published an extremely thorough comparison of the BMW M3 Sport Evolution, the Audi Coupe S2 and Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II from October 1991. An absolute gem of automotive journalism if you ask me.

Each is significant as it represents the forefront of its maker’s technological abilities, from computerized engine-management systems to aerodynamics. Each is also a limited-production car that may or may not ever see American roads deserving of its talent. And so it was that we traveled to Germany and assembled three of the best and brightest ” something-extra” cars that the country has to offer. We poked, prodded, tested and pushed them on a race track, experienced them flat-out on the last public frontier of high-speed driving—the German Autobahn—and enjoyed them on the lovely secondary and tertiary roads in the southern province of Baden-Wiirttemberg.

Source: Road & Track

The Perfect Benz Cruiser: Slammed W108

When it comes to looking for a perfect cruiser with that old-school classic cool, there’s no escaping the W108/W109 series from Mercedes-Benz in the early 70s.

As part of our daily work here at Speedhunters, we are exposed to all sorts of modified vehicles. From mild restomods, to brand new performance cars loaded up with the latest high-end parts, to racing vehicles that bear no resemblance to any street car. And while we’ve looked at cars built to suit every type …

Source: Slammed Elegance: The Perfect Benz Cruiser – Speedhunters

Here’s A Photo Gallery Of The Most Beautiful German Cars Ever Built

Jalopnik showcases the Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes museums with lots of pictures that, in case you were still debating on whether to go or not, should make you start finding ways to include Germany into your next Holiday trip. Continue reading “Here’s A Photo Gallery Of The Most Beautiful German Cars Ever Built”

Mercedes-Benz W126 AMG SEC [Gallery]

Finding a Mercedes-Benz W126 AMG SEC in mint condition for sale on the ol’ interwebs is quite rare so this is why I made sure to make copies of the images. AMG only made a very limited series featuring Mercedes-Benz’s 80s S-Class. For you viewing pleasure: Continue reading “Mercedes-Benz W126 AMG SEC [Gallery]”

A Rainy Day with the Bagged W115 Mercedes Benz

I know what the purists will say about butchering a W114/W115 to ride on air suspension, but this is not a blog about purists. This is blog that celebrates those gorgeous German Silver Machines. Dropping a classis Benz like demonstrated in this video only brings out the beautiful classic lines more IMO. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.