Meet The Hero Who Pulled His BMW E30 M3 Into His House To Save It From Hurricane Matthew

While Hurricane Matthew was raging, you may have seen some delightful pictures on the internet of a lovely BMW E30 M3 sitting, warm and safe, inside someone’s house, to better be protected from the storm. Those photos weren’t staged. There actually was a guy who drove his car into his living room to protect it, and we talked to him.

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Clash of the Teutons: BMW M3 Sport Evolution vs. Audi Coupe S2 vs. Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II

Road & Track published an extremely thorough comparison of the BMW M3 Sport Evolution, the Audi Coupe S2 and Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II from October 1991. An absolute gem of automotive journalism if you ask me.

Each is significant as it represents the forefront of its maker’s technological abilities, from computerized engine-management systems to aerodynamics. Each is also a limited-production car that may or may not ever see American roads deserving of its talent. And so it was that we traveled to Germany and assembled three of the best and brightest ” something-extra” cars that the country has to offer. We poked, prodded, tested and pushed them on a race track, experienced them flat-out on the last public frontier of high-speed driving—the German Autobahn—and enjoyed them on the lovely secondary and tertiary roads in the southern province of Baden-Wiirttemberg.

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An E30 M3 With DTM Aspirations

In which camp to you belong? Are you a purist, or do you think of yourself more of a realist? When it comes to cars, there’s the age-old debate between keeping special models from history stock, or giving in to temptation and modifying them. Of course, there are variations of each way of thinking, but what would you do?

I find myself more and more on the side of restomods. Preserve the general looks, but feel free to customize and upgrade the car any which way you see fit. Case in point, kudos for transforming this 318i into a kick-ass M3.
Check it out: An E30 M3 With DTM Aspirations

The Perfect Benz Cruiser: Slammed W108

When it comes to looking for a perfect cruiser with that old-school classic cool, there’s no escaping the W108/W109 series from Mercedes-Benz in the early 70s.

As part of our daily work here at Speedhunters, we are exposed to all sorts of modified vehicles. From mild restomods, to brand new performance cars loaded up with the latest high-end parts, to racing vehicles that bear no resemblance to any street car. And while we’ve looked at cars built to suit every type …

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Here’s A Photo Gallery Of The Most Beautiful German Cars Ever Built

Jalopnik showcases the Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes museums with lots of pictures that, in case you were still debating on whether to go or not, should make you start finding ways to include Germany into your next Holiday trip. Continue reading “Here’s A Photo Gallery Of The Most Beautiful German Cars Ever Built”

Porsche Inspired Coffee Shop Opens In Scottsdale, Arizona

Not much of a coffee drinker myself, but a coffee shop with a Porsche theme would definitely make me want to try their hot coco on a regular basis 😁.

Nico Samaras started collecting Porsches at 16. Today, 11-years later, his love for Porsche has only grown stronger. So strong that he and girlfriend Mia decided to start a Porsche themed coffee shop in Old Town Scottsdale named FourTillFour. Located at 7105 East First Avenue, the intimate space is a reflection of Nico’s love of…

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A BMW M1 That Will Always Rewind To The ‘80s

It was in the summer of 1991 that I learned that a classmate’s dad had a BMW M1 stored in a garage. The magic of seeing that car for the first time in the flesh is a fond memory of my automobile infused childhood.

With Le Mans fresh in our minds, it was only fitting that I focus on a brute built for that race in this look at another speed icon. Le Mans is such an iconic event that it, obviously, creates a challenge in picking just one example. And the BASF-spons

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Gorgeous BMW E9 3.0 CSi with 17″ BBS RS wheels


Christian’s E9 was far from run-of-the-mill. Instead, my jaw hung in bewilderment, as it was perhaps the one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve seen all year. Christian Heine’s BMW E9 3.0 CSi goes to show that the H&R family has a knack all facets of the automotive world.

Absolute gorgeous modification of a timelessly beautiful BWM 3.0 CSi. Do check it out.

One of the men who changed the Porsche community was Rod Emory

V3llum posted an interesting back-story about one of the men who changed the Porsche community; Rod Emory. It’s a very interesting read if not solely for the fact it talks about a 356 restomod with a 964 floorpan and 4WD. I mean, how cool is that!?

Believe it or not, there was a time not that long ago when modifying a Porsche for any reason was considered a travesty. Keep in mind that this is at a time when most Porsches, 911s and 356s alike, were worth a fraction of what they are today. One of the men who changed the Porsche community’s perception of the modified car, or “Outlaw” as it became known, was a young man named Rod Emory.

Source: These Porsches Run On Midnight Oil